FocusCore - accelerating recruitment and executive search in Hong Kong

Posted over 1 year ago by Damian Rhodes


FocusCore Recruit and Executive Search has proven itself capable of identifying and recruiting talented individuals from middle management level up to CEO level in Hong Kong for a variety of clients enabling its clients to focus on their core businesses. 

Containerchain, an innovative technology company described as the 'Uber of the container industry' was once such example. It hired a General Manager for its Hong Kong business within a record time of three weeks. Containerchain, which originates from Australia, also operates in ports in New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand. Containerchain believes that its solutions will revolutionise container logistics in Hong Kong, and that Hong Kong plays a strategic role in bringing success within Greater China

A highly ambitious and successful organisation, it is not surprising that they have chosen to work with FocusCore, thanks to the expertise of its team and its signature Talent Accelerator process, known for its speed and quality in identifying the best candidate.  This approach is a far cry from a call centre style recruitment company or a traditional executive search firm which would promise a long list in four to six weeks. 

"FocusCore identified a General Manager for our Hong Kong office and I was able to have an offer accepted within just three weeks from my first conversation with their Managing director, Damian Rhodes." said Luke Duffy, global CEO of Containerchain.  "Their accelerated executive search process cut through the usual delays and I was able to hire in record time." 

In order to raise the market awareness of Containerchain's unique proposition, May Chan of FocusCore, also produced blog material to drive interest from industry players and talent.

"May worked with us to help publicise our business and the opportunity we have." Duffy said. "She quickly understood what we offer and communicated this in a powerful way. No other executive search firm offered us this as an integral service."

Damian Rhodes, Managing Director of FocusCore in Hong Kong, said that Containerchain doesn't accept outmoded methodologies but is open minded enough to consider a new approach.  "If it wasn't for the forward thinking attitude of Tony Paldano, their Managing Director and Luke Duffy, their CEO, then this wouldn't have been possible. FocusCore are excited to partner with them and see their continued success within Hong Kong, the rest of China and beyond."

FocusCore offers executive search, recruitment and business start-up services across Asia helping clients focus on their core business. The Hong Kong executive search and recruitment business helps define and articulate clients' Employee Value Propositions and offers communication strategies as an integral part of their process.