3 Reasons to work for a Tech StartUp

Posted 2 months ago by Esther Yeung


“If you can’t feed a team with two pizzas, it’s too large.” – Jeff Bezos, Amazon Founder and CEO

There is both truth and wisdom in Jeff Bezos’ words - the truth is that two pizzas really do have only so much capacity to feed.  The wisdom is that a team small enough to be satiated by them is one fit for doing great things.  So if you want to do great things, here are three reasons to get involved with a tech startup.


If you work on a small team, it means that your contribution will be correspondingly large.  This is unequivocally good, insofar as you are the kind of person who enjoys being empowered, taking responsibility, and owning part of the growth of the organization in which you are a part.  If you feel a slight welling of nervousness at the prospect, embrace it.  It is this awareness of responsibility for the success or failure of the venture that will translate into the kind of work ethic needed to persevere.


Tech startups seek to bring to market creative uses of technology.  A given venture may be looking to invent new technology, upgrade existing technology or integrate or apply available technology in unprecedented ways but they are all innovators.  If building and creating new things appeals to you, then a tech startup may be just the kind of home away from home you are looking for.


Tech startups have the ability to scale into tech giants, which is an exciting possibility no doubt.  But they also, regardless of whether such scaling happens, provide invaluable training and experience for their teams in the form of role fluidity and the cultivation of entrepreneurial thinking.  This experience can translate into such team members eventually making career moves to more established industry players, founding their own startups, or becoming change agents in corporations in need of a technological and/or entrepreneurial overhaul.