3 reasons why it benefits YOU to refer your friends to a recruitment consultancy

7 months ago, May Chan

One truth always holds true for job seekers no matter how the times have changed: make yourself known to people who matter: this is why it pays off every time your refer your friends to a recruitment firm you trust.

1.  You remain on the recruiter’s radar

A typical day looks like this for a successful recruiter: 25+ or more business calls, multiple face-to-face meetings, and over a hundred or CVs to scan for the live jobs she is working on. By making referrals to the recruiter, you have a much higher chance of staying on her radar so she will think of you when a good opportunity comes by.

2.  You enjoy stronger relationship with your professional contacts

Like all relationships, your professional network needs cultivating in order to flourish and bloom. By introducing high-calibre people you have met at work to a recruiter you trust, you become part of their career trajectory. It becomes natural for them to keep you updated about their whereabouts at work, which could be tremendously helpful for growing your network and building up your market intelligence.

3.  It could be opening the door to your next job

Ever seen a position opening at a company you like, but only that this position is not suitable for you? By introducing your work contacts to the recruiter working on this position, you could be getting a foot in the door of that company.  When a trusted friend or professional contact joins a business you love and is placed by a recruiter in that organisation it opens double doors for you when an approriate role does arise.  Your opportunities expand, your voice will be heard and it generate momentum in paving the way for your future.
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