4 months ago, Esther Yeung


1) The Underdressed one

I once had a candidate who had every experience the employer wanted, but the interview lasted for only 15 minutes. I was frustrated and asked the employer why. ‘The candidate did not iron her white shirt properly.’ as simple as this.

A good first impression is vital. It shows professionalism.  You should dress for the job you want!

2) The Unstoppable One

If you go on and on while answering one question. The interviewer will begin to think “does this person understand what I am asking? Is this person know how to express their thoughts?” A company once told me that the candidate is good but not sure whether he could cope with the team. So I asked why? “He is very talkative and talked for 15 mins by himself. We have to stop him.”Overpowering candidates are often perceived as a bad listener, i.e. lacking of communication skills.

Employers always love a two-way conversation!

3. The Negative One

Speaking negatively about a past job, colleague, or boss is a big no during the interview. The interviewer would start questioning “Will you talk badly about people behind their backs if you are to join our company?” This creates a trust issue. People don’t like to hire anyone who cannot be trusted.

Don’t complain. We often hear candidates saying “I quit the job because of bad culture, bad management, bad boss etc” it's okay to tell us, but not the company.

Turn it into a positive answer! “I left my previous job because I was looking for a company culture that better suits my personality, for example, I see that your company embraces xxx that aligned to what I am looking for.” It shows that you are a positive person and you have done your research!